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Butterfly Wings Taking Flight



Open wings and take flight.

So its been a bit of a long few weeks. I am your typical have a full time and a part time job, single parent of 2 amazing girls all while trying to be a sucessful artist, phew! I have noticed I think less and less about art with the games and stress that come with office politics. Sooo, I made a big decision last week, I quit the part time job. It was very scary, because its that little bit extra that keeps us almost in the black 🙂

Its been a week now and wow, the feeling of relief, like a huge weight has been lifted, I think my hair is even returning to its natural colour instead of that odd silver stuff that just keeps appearing. I have laughed, spent some one on one time with the kids and didnt get distracted by stuff, I even felt like cleaning, yes I said cleaning. But, most of all I have wanted to paint, and write and just create. The ideas are flowing. I am even working on a logo for my daughter who is starting a website/blog for her new business. The Scenic Root. She makes the most wonderful miniature gardens which have appeared both on a local TV news channel and newspaper.

Right now I am working on some idea for T-shirts for Redbubble, and maybe some traditional art for DeviantArt.

I feel great…..

I am putting together a plan, I am giving myself one full year of really trying to see if I can make anything work. Also alotting a day to each item. So Mondays are now going to be my blog day, whether it be writing or just reading all the wonderful posts out there or commenting to help my fellow artists. Tuesday will be update sites, wednesday photography day etc. etc. Sunday will be my all day art day…….no interruptions please……artist at play 🙂 

Digital Love

For awhile now I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about. I have some great mash up ideas but keeping them mum until I have real concepts down on paper.
But Saturday after saving up gift cards all year and closely watching sales I finally got myself a gift, I’m so excited. Plus, something to write about. It will go in my studio, a lovely, sexy, yes I think sexy applies, intuos5.
I have been wanting one of these forever. Most of the digital work I do is with a mouse or touchpad on my laptop, not great. And at one point caused frozen shoulder.
I finally have it loaded opened photoshop and argh! No pressure sensitivity. I have been googling for a couple of days now as the ‘how to’ video that came with it doesn’t apply it uses the most up to date version of PS ‘sigh’ so it’s back to the….drawing board lol! I shall not be undone by technology. I just need some play time, so I am taking a day off from the ick job to do just that I’ll keep you updated on progress hopefully with images.

The Fan Page

I had been busy working on a pastel for a friend of her dog Jackson a jack Russell. I finally finished and wrote a piece. Since then I have been a bit stressed (work) so the creative juices came to a screeching halt.

While wandering around a lovely greenhouse in my area I took some quick photos of flowers and of this purple Iris, it was spectacular. Sent it over to Wally World with the intent of drawing or painting it. I wish I could explain more about my ‘job/boss’ then the screeching halt would make sense lol!
yesterday I heard a blurb of music on the TV “It’s my life, it’s now or never
I ain’t gonna live forever
I just want to live while I’m alive” yes, we all know Bon Jovi. But, damn, he has a point and one I keep forgetting. As a cancer survivor it’s not a thing I should forget. So juice or no, draw and keep moving, find passion, love it and own it!

So with my bum kick firmly in place ‘ouch’. I started a FB fan page for my art. Working on that was scary and fun. I have 3 likes which is kind if exciting and I get to follow other artists I enjoy. Juice is trickling yay! So plan is keep blogging creating connecting.

So now I am trying a newish medium for me. Coloured Pencil. I tried it years ago but it didn’t come out well. Hoping this time I can achieve what I’m looking for. Will post the Iris no matter what it looks like. After all it’s a learning process that keeps it flowing.

The Art & Crafts Show

Had a good day wandering around an Arts & Crafts festival today. So many craftspeople and artists/artisans. The blast to the eyes and brain was great. The ideas were flowing, I used be one big flood of ideas. I could never get anything done from my mind going crazy jumping from one project to next. Not lately, lucky if I have one at all.
I, like most work and this particular job is with some very negative and un-creative people. As hard as one tries this environment does succeed in taking you over. This is one reason behind the blog. If I can force myself to write and maintain the one sketch a week the hope is to turn back the hands of time. It also helps that both my children are trying to get into creative fields, this fresh blast is invigorating. And all the artists I see writing blogs and showing their art and creative process is fantastic.
Had some photos developed and will get some more sketches going. I have finished one recently I need to post that I quite like, not fond of last weeks needs a little something.