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Not a Block Just Busy


I have been slapping myself upside head for my lack of a post lately and blaming it on writers block, which is funny as I dont really consider myself a writer. I have had a few days off for the holidays and they have been wonderful.

I set back to work on my art, as I always do when home, I have some great concepts I have been working on. I finally got two of them posted today to redBubble and Society6, yay, and then it dawned on me, duh, I have been so busy working on these I didnt have time to write. So I can give myself a break phew!

I like to do mash ups which I have mentioned before, the hope is to get a few things out there for tshirts among other things. I have seen a few contests on the sites I post too and maybe this is a good idea as well. Things are moving forward, slowly but still moving.

So what do you think, I enjoyed doing them hope you enjoy the ideas.

Dr Who/Labyrinth and Lion King/Starwars



T-Shirt Trials

I am still playing in the digital world. Practicing with my tablet. I really like it but the brush doesn’t really work like I feel or expect it should. Online tutorials don’t really cover it well. They are all speed tutorials, don’t know about you but at my age, nope brain doesn’t run in fast mode.

After several attempts at some mash up ideas I decided to set up a RedBubble account. I have uploaded a few things but no sales. For those that don’t know you can upload your art to RedBubble and people can buy it as iPod cases, posters, cards and t-shirts.

I have only done cards and prints till recently. So I finally uploaded my first t-shirt design, ha I was so bloody tickled. My kids kept laughing at me I was so excited. It looked great on the computer and print I made the idea was a good one.

I ordered my shirt and waited, and waited till it finally arrived. The excitement vanished in about 2 seconds flat. Wait, that can’t be my design…….can it ! It didn’t translate well to a shirt. I have some great ideas but maybe my execution is erm, lacking 😉

But on an awesome note, I learned a bit more about how this works what looks good and sizing of the images. And I wore my shirt to GraniteCon and the ‘idea’ went well. So back to laptop and tablet and rework

After all practice makes perfect.