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Art Day

So today’s plan, as I have 3 whole days off, yes that noise you heard was me screaming with delight! ART!
Art Art and more Art…..I decided to work digital today…..so out came the laptop and my new toy, intuos5 (must come up with a good name for it) and of course the most important item, a good cuppa rosy lea (tea for those unfamiliar with cockney) I just can’t work without it. The youngest child has decided to join me and also be creative today.

It’s been about 5 hours now and alas no art, why you ask? well, I have been sabotaged by the PC. Most of my time today has been spent copying deleting defragging running security and anti spyware programs. I…am…exhausted, and any creative juice is gone, empty like my tea cup, someone put the bloody kettle on. Please.

There is a lot to be said for traditional arts, the only thing that gets in your way is time and maybe space.

It’s now late afternoon and the system scan is still running. And what became of the youngest you ask, I can see her tapping away at her laptop big smile. As I get up to see what she’s accomplished she whoops out loud, all the animals jump “level 90” ‘sigh’ she’s been playing WoW all day 🙂