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Realism Challenge

Last week during a visit to the local bookshop I found a book by Mark Crilley. I follow Mark in both YouTube and Instagram. He has some great tutorials on YouTube. The book is tutorials on realistic drawings. 

 1 torn paper 
So I’ve decided to do one a day during my lunch break. It’s good practice for me to keep drawing I get great hints and tips plus I get outside in the fresh air and away from that horrid cubby well it’s really a soul sucking cubby but I’m thinking positive 😉

 2 folded paper 
I have only done 3 so far and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I can’t wait to do more. 

 3 cracked eggshell 

Spring Stuff

it was a very long winter this year. The kind that never ends, the kind where you close down and shut yourself in doors waiting for it all to end, I didn’t get much done including writing. 

Spring hit and everyone started buzzing around then all of a sudden I looked at a calendar and it’s almost July oops nothing written still. Where did my time go. 

It has been spent outside as much as possible to make up for lost time with that winter. We started a ‘urban’ veggie garden this year. My daughter and I built beds. Cabbage, toms, tatties, peas not to mention the watermelon,  blackberries, strawberries and the orange tree and kiwi. Poor kiwi though, it’s a girl and apparently they need a boy for fruit. 

I’ve done a lot of crochet too, have a baby blanket started as well as a cardigan, large blanket, summer top and baby booties. As I said long winter and there are a lot of babies coming lol! I tried to get some sketching in mostly at work on stickies. Did start a rough sketch of oldest. 

I also joined the Oatley Academy #OALive. Looking forward to working on a real project and moving my dream forward. The older I get the less patience I have in slowly moving toward my dream of freelance, you would think we would have more patience as we age. 

Well that’s the quick review of my time after winter. Lots of stuff going so lots of things I can write about. Updates on the fruits and veggies, and I’ll tell you about my personal project soon. 

Fort Foster

Every year we make a day trip up to Maine to Ft. Foster. It’s one of the few places where there are no crazy beach dwellers, tourists crowding every spot plus you can bring your dog. Our dog loves to go here, she’s not very fond of the water but having a whole day outside with family is a big deal. Every year we get her into the water a bit more.
Last summer she freaked out when she saw a lab go in for a swim. Poor thing was beside herself, what would possess a dog to get in that wet stuff. She cried until the lab came out. On the plus side she gave a try at getting in to save the other dog she was so worried about it.
We always stop at subway and get lunches for later. It’s like a family tradition now.
I think the best part for me is how calm and relaxed I feel near the water. I think it’s because I spent so much time near the ocean growing up. We would spend summers in Jaywick, Clacton and sometimes Brighton.

Being up on the cliff looking out at the water the warm breeze blowing it always inspires me to get out the sketch book (which I carry everywhere) and make lots of quick sketches of the water, boats and my favourite the rocks. The colours that come off the rocks from the water and the sun is sometimes breathtaking.
So looking forward to the weather getting warmer so we can head back up to Maine for another day of water sun and relaxing with the sketch book.

The holiday is over

I just got back from my yearly trip to Florida. I look forward to this every year, I knew this one would be a bit different, so wasn’t as excited as I usually am – but it was still a good one.

I soo needed this break to recharge my batteries. It’s been a tough year both personally and professionally. The paying job is very stressful and wears me down. This causes a lack of creativity which is what keeps me sane.

The 7 days of warm sun on my face and being able to sit outside on the patio was just wonderful. I did take my sketch book everywhere I went but I didn’t sketch, though I did take lots of photos. I found my mind wandering to all sorts of creative projects/ideas. A free mind.

I returned feeling refreshed and stress free with the ideas firmly in place. I still had a few more days off before having to go back ‘there’ so have been able to sort the photos into idea folders for both digital collages and sketches.

My favourite photo subjects are animals and nature. I got some good shots. To stave of the cold of the northeast and the stress of that place I am getting some of my best photos printed and will spend my lunch hour sketching. These are a few I liked, the colour of the flamingo and plant and the way this seal was watching and chasing that bird made me laugh.



Art Day

So today’s plan, as I have 3 whole days off, yes that noise you heard was me screaming with delight! ART!
Art Art and more Art…..I decided to work digital today…..so out came the laptop and my new toy, intuos5 (must come up with a good name for it) and of course the most important item, a good cuppa rosy lea (tea for those unfamiliar with cockney) I just can’t work without it. The youngest child has decided to join me and also be creative today.

It’s been about 5 hours now and alas no art, why you ask? well, I have been sabotaged by the PC. Most of my time today has been spent copying deleting defragging running security and anti spyware programs. I…am…exhausted, and any creative juice is gone, empty like my tea cup, someone put the bloody kettle on. Please.

There is a lot to be said for traditional arts, the only thing that gets in your way is time and maybe space.

It’s now late afternoon and the system scan is still running. And what became of the youngest you ask, I can see her tapping away at her laptop big smile. As I get up to see what she’s accomplished she whoops out loud, all the animals jump “level 90” ‘sigh’ she’s been playing WoW all day 🙂

Coloured Pencil

Its been a long couple of weeks. The temps have been well over 100 with the heat index. I built my studio area in my bedroom which is upstairs top floor and wow, talk about heat rises, its darn hot up there. So I havent done anything big. But, I did attempt my coloured pencil that I planned doing, it was small and I could put it on my lap.

I am my own worst critic, I wasnt sure that I was in love with it. Dont get me wrong I did like it, really, but I look at what other people do with coloured pencil and start to nit pick. However my children who are my sanity lately gave me honest opinion and I felt better. I think I was so tough because it was a gift. A woman I have worked with has moved on to another job (sooo lucky LOL) and I wanted to her to know I had appreciated all her help and friendship with a personal gift.

Sml-IrisLaceI used Strathmore multi purpose and prismacolour pencils. I also tried a colourless blender instead of using a white or very light colour to burnish. I took it from a photo of this spectacular Iris I saw in a garden center. This is my version of that iris.

Jack Russell

So I have been a bit quiet of late. I do find it hard to be inspired when I look at databases all day. Must put new job at the top of my to do list 🙂

So the original plan was to do a sketch a week and post, hmmm, best laid plans and all that! But will still try to keep it art/design/craft/DIY oriented and hopefully I dont wander in my verbage to the gripe and moan genre. Well, I will keep to a min if I do LOL!

When looking for inspiration I was asked if i could sketch a friends dog. I got out the sketchpad and the graphite to start work and decided that I might give the pastels a shot. Its been years since I did anything with pastel.

So this old guy’s name is Jackson, a Jack Russell, it didnt come out to bad? I scored some old mats at a yard sale so at least he looks more refined.

I love, love to create, its hard to explain, but, I feeel like without it I am missing a big part of who I am. This is what I want to do. I want to paint and draw and sell my art, but I also fear sometimes that it wont sell, art is a tough field. My self esteem has been takening a bashing for a while now (long story bad boss) so I am pusshing myself to create and post.

So here is jackson.

Jackson and his photo
Jackson and his photo
Final piece
Final piece

The studio

The weather has finally turned. I do so enjoy sunshine and fresh breezes. With the sun my energy level starts to rise and I feel the urge to ‘do’. Among the usual clean the yard and start the garden I wanted to set up a small area for a studio.
Took a long time to move everything around in my bedroom. This was the room I chose, it’s small place and there was no where else to put it. I like a clutter less room, but how to achieve studio and keep a calm clean room.
I took a space near the window for natural light. I had an old bakers shelf unit, added some pots and baskets on the shelves for pencils etc.
next I took a piece of clear plexiglass and I can set it at angle for working and best part I can get a light under it to use as a light table.
It’s a small spot, but I love it and its my own little studio.
Now to create……



Fuzzy Butt the Dog

Here is my attempt at our family dog that we lovingly call fuzzy butt. Of course after her last grooming she isnt so fuzzy. Holly is part Pug and Part Cocker. She can be a handful, but also quite the lover.

I used Strathmore paper and just a couple of graphite pencils, 5H to lay it out and then HB, 2B and 5B for all of the shading.

IMG_1418 IMG_1419 IMG_1420

I did like the way this turned out, I may at a later date go back and add in some charcoal for the darker areas, but we will see.

So here is the final next to the photo.