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Continued and Finished

I did spend weekend on my digital painting and decided to add some stuff. So I’m went Sara.

Ta da……the finished Labyrinth piece. Not bad for a first shot. A lot of work but what a great feeling to have a project I was excited about and it’s given me a bit more confidence and more desire and ideas for future pieces.

Digital Portrait

I have been trying to hone some of my digital skills. I have never really done a portrait digitally. So I have this photo I grabbed online of David Bowie as the Goblin King from The Labyrinth movie and thought I would use it as my inspiration. Love that movie…dont you.

I am using an old version of PS CS2 and an Intuos graphics tablet. All done on my old laptop which is really feeling it’s age when I work. Like me it’s having memory and processing issues, I feel it’s pain. I started to lay down some base colours and lines, using very faint colours. I had about 20 layers and as I get to a point where it looks okay, say on the eyes I will flatten some of it down so there are not too many layers.

As I move forward I just keep adding colour and shadow, highlights. Trying to get all of the facial features. I am at a good point, it looks like Bowie. This weekend I will be adding some of the finer details. I was thinking it might make a good print or if I come up with a tag line/text a card.

What do you think. Any feed back is welcome.


Not a Block Just Busy


I have been slapping myself upside head for my lack of a post lately and blaming it on writers block, which is funny as I dont really consider myself a writer. I have had a few days off for the holidays and they have been wonderful.

I set back to work on my art, as I always do when home, I have some great concepts I have been working on. I finally got two of them posted today to redBubble and Society6, yay, and then it dawned on me, duh, I have been so busy working on these I didnt have time to write. So I can give myself a break phew!

I like to do mash ups which I have mentioned before, the hope is to get a few things out there for tshirts among other things. I have seen a few contests on the sites I post too and maybe this is a good idea as well. Things are moving forward, slowly but still moving.

So what do you think, I enjoyed doing them hope you enjoy the ideas.

Dr Who/Labyrinth and Lion King/Starwars