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Realism Challenge

Last week during a visit to the local bookshop I found a book by Mark Crilley. I follow Mark in both YouTube and Instagram. He has some great tutorials on YouTube. The book is tutorials on realistic drawings. 

 1 torn paper 
So I’ve decided to do one a day during my lunch break. It’s good practice for me to keep drawing I get great hints and tips plus I get outside in the fresh air and away from that horrid cubby well it’s really a soul sucking cubby but I’m thinking positive 😉

 2 folded paper 
I have only done 3 so far and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I can’t wait to do more. 

 3 cracked eggshell 

T Sketch

Well didn’t get much done this week. Had to have a ‘procedure’ so couple days no food etc. too tired but back to it next week.
But this sketch I did of my teen T I had already finished. I think I captured her pretty well. This was her first dance and she was all dressed up. In this shot she’s looking up while playing with her new hoop earrings.
I love drawing family, you know there little quirks so trying to capture those are a bit tricky, its funny because you can see them in the drawing, but not everyone captures it. Those that know you well see it.




Fuzzy Butt the Dog

Here is my attempt at our family dog that we lovingly call fuzzy butt. Of course after her last grooming she isnt so fuzzy. Holly is part Pug and Part Cocker. She can be a handful, but also quite the lover.

I used Strathmore paper and just a couple of graphite pencils, 5H to lay it out and then HB, 2B and 5B for all of the shading.

IMG_1418 IMG_1419 IMG_1420

I did like the way this turned out, I may at a later date go back and add in some charcoal for the darker areas, but we will see.

So here is the final next to the photo.


Self portrait

So I’ve been working on a self portrait. Taking photos as I go along. I have to say I’m kinda happy with how it’s looking the only issue I have is they are cheap pastel pencils. Wish I had used the good ones, but i was just playing I didn’t realize how well it would come out its been so long since I’ve really done anything this big.

I will have to post all of the pictures showing progress when completed.




Finished, well it’s where I want it to be, and I actually am happy with it.