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Roller Coaster

As a rule I try to keep my posts about my art and my journey toward my own business. No personal stuff, it slips in as it must because it’s also part of the journey but I do try. But the past couple of weeks have been well, all over the emotional spectrum and I just felt a need to write it.

I decided to take a few days off from the 9-5. It’s kind of a soul sucking job for a creative and I needed to recharge. So 6 days planned with my girls wheeeee and up we go, fun, sun and sketching planned.

Two days in and weather turned so we changed plans a bit, there’s that sharp turn but hands are still in the air wheee.

Third day our cat Hanes became ill and we had to take her to the emergency vet. Ugh stomach always goes on those first dips. She’s feeling better after 2 days and comes home ‘sigh of relief’ that surprising next drop and back we rush her.

But now I’m going up and up to the big drop my daughter got me 3 new prosthetics, mine was held together with duct tape but that’s a whole other story. I’m relaxed and excited our little holiday was so much fun. The weather was great and we found a place our last day for a real English tea with scones and clotted cream…..heaven!
The view up here is great but the coaster must drop right?


Back to work, Hanes isn’t better. The decision is made and trust me when I say it wasn’t taken lightly. She’s 161/2 years old with intestinal cancer. Quality of life is gone. So we spend some time with her and hold her close while she falls to sleep. It’s obvious she knows and has said her goodbyes to us. I think the coaster just went off the tracks.

It’s been a week now and my oldest ( it was her baby ) has a lovely photo, plaster cast of her paw print and a small urn. Hanes was special and will be missed a great deal, that snotty face and the way she used her extra toes to hold things like people do, yes the tears fall every so often still but With every roller coasters down there is also an up.

Comic Con

Last Saturday my daughter and I finally attended Comic Con. We have been wanting to do this for awhile now.
Originally it should’ve been April but due to the bombing in Boston it was pushed to August.
As driving in Boston is really not my thing, crazy aggressive drivers, okay so not all, but enough to make me not want to drive. We took the red line to silver and it was a simple ride. But I learned a couple of things. The train makes me nauseated and I maybe a hair germophobic and this city girl has lived in the country way too long, who knew 🙂
The line to get in was, well, wow! Blocks long. Glad I pre bought our tickets. Also glad I’m an early bird so we got to wander around – no crowds – and actually see the artists and their work. This is when I do my best daydreaming, to be as talented as some of them and to be able to be a full time artist. The one thing I’ve always wanted to do, create!
Was a great day lots to look at almost got run over by a transformer. We got my daughter this glow in dark dragon that wraps around her wrist. I got some art work. Nice lunch and then the ‘train’ ride back.
I am glad we did it but not sure I will do again. But at least I can check it off my list.




The Kitchen Do Over

Wow, well this took a little longer than I thought. My kitchen overhaul on $100. The weather didn’t wish to co-operate either. If it wasn’t 90′ it was 40′ and raining.

Well it’s done. Okay so not completely. The walls all need a second coat of paint. A few little touches here and there. Oh, and one last chair to do.

I got the counter top all done, cabinets done and a small tile piece under table like a rug just to brighten the room a bit.

I used the old cabinet I had as a shoe and mail holder. I painted it white and flipped it on its side. Each shelf section now makes a great spot for our bags and shoes. I then used the doors from the unit and put them in sideways about 6inches down to make a shelf. Bought cheap baskets for mail.

The old brown chairs with mis-matched seats I have spray painted yellow and white recovering the seat in a blue material. An old curtain to save on money.

My back splash was the faux tin tiles. I have painted them white and a dark blue in each square with a metallic finish so it looks like blue glass tiles.

That’s about it. I rent and also on tight budget so didn’t want to spend much. It’s not perfect but it works.

So here are before and afters








Artistic Block

So I have had a small block. The plan was to do a sketch a week and do the blog. Unfortunately I just keep staring at the page. So I turned my mind to something else. I built my little studio, this worked well to take my mind off stuff and still manage to be creative.

So still blocked.

So I have turned to the kitchen. I had done a special paint technique to make it look like old Tuscan type walls. I bought an old table it’s about 80 yrs old and found some old dark wood chairs. But it’s change time and hoping it helps with block.

The plan, redo kitchen for $100. So first up paint all my walls a bright white. I plan on painting the chairs a bright yellow. I have bought some cheap floor tile that I will use for counter top and varnish. I have the fake embossed tin as back splash which I will paint the same bright white then paint the square portion a glossy blue giving impression of 4×4 ceramic tile with white grout. Last piece is cheap lino for the floor.
As soon as I am done I will post photos. That is if it ever stops raining long enough to go out and spray paint chairs.

Then hopefully an idea will spark for some art work.

A Memory an Idea

I have reached a short road block in my endeavor of one a week sketches. Life just keeps getting in the way. My current job is far from creative and I feel that burn out from it.
I was sitting at my desk sketchpad in front of me trying to come up with a creative idea any idea. As i sat playing with the pen and paper i remembered when I was a child I constantly doodled and drew on things. My dad and I used to play this game where we would draw squiggles and make it look like something, it was both game and contest. This always helped me in my thought process. So for the past few days I’ve been a squiggling like crazy, one of those darn squiggles will be an idea. In the mean time the memory of dad is making me feel pretty darn good.

T Sketch

Well didn’t get much done this week. Had to have a ‘procedure’ so couple days no food etc. too tired but back to it next week.
But this sketch I did of my teen T I had already finished. I think I captured her pretty well. This was her first dance and she was all dressed up. In this shot she’s looking up while playing with her new hoop earrings.
I love drawing family, you know there little quirks so trying to capture those are a bit tricky, its funny because you can see them in the drawing, but not everyone captures it. Those that know you well see it.