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The Art & Crafts Show

Had a good day wandering around an Arts & Crafts festival today. So many craftspeople and artists/artisans. The blast to the eyes and brain was great. The ideas were flowing, I used be one big flood of ideas. I could never get anything done from my mind going crazy jumping from one project to next. Not lately, lucky if I have one at all.
I, like most work and this particular job is with some very negative and un-creative people. As hard as one tries this environment does succeed in taking you over. This is one reason behind the blog. If I can force myself to write and maintain the one sketch a week the hope is to turn back the hands of time. It also helps that both my children are trying to get into creative fields, this fresh blast is invigorating. And all the artists I see writing blogs and showing their art and creative process is fantastic.
Had some photos developed and will get some more sketches going. I have finished one recently I need to post that I quite like, not fond of last weeks needs a little something.