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In the Pink’ers’

Project two….
This one I decided was going to be small, mainly because I had this small 5×7 mat I wanted to use. Again the photo reference was from my phone of a Tea Rose from my garden, it was a burst of yellow, white and pink. I used the Canson again but I used a buff colour this time because of the yellows in the Rose, but wished that I had used white.

And again I was pleasantly surprised at how it came out. I should have made the image smaller for the mat as you cannot see it all once behind it but all in all not a bad image, I am happy with it. I still have lots to learn but happy is always a good thing.

Something I noticed after both projects were finished they were both Pink! Not a colour I used to like but since becoming a breast cancer survivor I kind of lean towards it now unconsciously. Going back and looking at much of what I have been creating lately its all a bit pinkish. Maybe that’s it; maybe I should be creating Pink images, images for those of us that are now Pinker’s!

I think I like that word, #Pinker’s!


In the Pink

I have always had an issue with coloured pencils; I just couldn’t get the colours or the blending right. So it’s been my mission lately to keep working with them to refine my craft and learn other mediums. I have seen so many wonderful images done in coloured pencil that I really want to learn to create beautiful images, not to mention it’s soo easy for travel compared to Pastels. I also want to create more work so that I have something to offer when I finally finish setting up my Etsy store, as part of the point of all of this is to start a good freelance Art and Design Studio.

I choose 2 projects to work on. I took this great photo with my iPhone, I wish it had been with my trusty camera I would of had more pixels to work with for a print but alas like me its age is showing and it has decided it’s time, ‘sigh’ ‘sniff’ ‘sniff’.
Project one…..To recreate this image with pencil. I used Canson Pastel Paper because it has two sides rough and smooth, I used the smooth, white. I pulled the pencils needed and using my phone with the reference photo set to work. I knew I didn’t have all of the colours so this is where trying the blending was going to come in. I loved the fact I could sit on the couch in front of the TV with a cuppa rosy and work on this project. I spent some time each evening and this is what I came up with. I really like it; it didn’t come out quite as bad as I was thinking it might, per my previous forays into the coloured pencil realm.


Coloured Pencil

Its been a long couple of weeks. The temps have been well over 100 with the heat index. I built my studio area in my bedroom which is upstairs top floor and wow, talk about heat rises, its darn hot up there. So I havent done anything big. But, I did attempt my coloured pencil that I planned doing, it was small and I could put it on my lap.

I am my own worst critic, I wasnt sure that I was in love with it. Dont get me wrong I did like it, really, but I look at what other people do with coloured pencil and start to nit pick. However my children who are my sanity lately gave me honest opinion and I felt better. I think I was so tough because it was a gift. A woman I have worked with has moved on to another job (sooo lucky LOL) and I wanted to her to know I had appreciated all her help and friendship with a personal gift.

Sml-IrisLaceI used Strathmore multi purpose and prismacolour pencils. I also tried a colourless blender instead of using a white or very light colour to burnish. I took it from a photo of this spectacular Iris I saw in a garden center. This is my version of that iris.