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Sci fi comic books and Shakespeare

A few weeks back I took my daughter to the movies we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy. My kinda movie. I just loved the soundtrack brought back lots of memories.
During the movie this one character Groot moved in a way that for some odd reason Hamlet popped in my head. The only words he spoke were ‘I am groot’ I thought cool that would be an awesome shirt a tree playing Hamlet. So when I got home I set to work.

I took several images from the web as reference photos and started pulling in a sketch using my intuos (graphic tablet) I used the skull I had done for another shirt and just started painting with browns & oranges some yellow & greens. It took shape I was very happy with it. Took many hours of painting and fussing. Wish I could do simple but I just can’t leave something without all the shading and detail.

Groot does Hamlet
So I sent it off to print. As you can see it was dark. So I worked on it some more and uploaded the new image. You can find it for sale at RedBubble, Society6and Tee Public

Groot Tshirt

I loved how it came out. But as is always the case with these types of images and characters someone always beats you to the punch. I have a tendency to just leave it and put it away thinking I was too late maybe next time I will be first but if I keep doing that I’ll never get work out there. It may be similar in concept to other artists but this one was all painted by me. So this time I said heck with it and posted.


Amusement Park Collage


I’ve been quite under the weather lately. Sore throat, ears, sinus and a cough which I think I’ve managed to bruise something doing. Instead of getting better I’ve gotten worse, but think I am finally on mend.
20140202-181250.jpg 20140202-181309.jpg
In effort to feel a bit more cheery I looked at some of the photos from my holiday to Florida at the end of last year. The trips to amusement parks in particular. Then it hit me how would those parks look combined, take pictures of the parks and put them all together as one.
So I took some of the photos from Sea World, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Magic Kingdom I then took sections of each of the photos and lay them on top of each other in photoshop.

Using photoshop (one of my favourite pieces of software) and my Intuos I carefully blended the photos together using layer masks. I moved them around and tried different placements for each piece. I love the way the turrets come out of the rocks and waterfall. This gave me my own magical kingdom. A place that’s fantasy and where animals can just wander freely.