Sci fi comic books and Shakespeare

A few weeks back I took my daughter to the movies we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy. My kinda movie. I just loved the soundtrack brought back lots of memories.
During the movie this one character Groot moved in a way that for some odd reason Hamlet popped in my head. The only words he spoke were ‘I am groot’ I thought cool that would be an awesome shirt a tree playing Hamlet. So when I got home I set to work.

I took several images from the web as reference photos and started pulling in a sketch using my intuos (graphic tablet) I used the skull I had done for another shirt and just started painting with browns & oranges some yellow & greens. It took shape I was very happy with it. Took many hours of painting and fussing. Wish I could do simple but I just can’t leave something without all the shading and detail.

Groot does Hamlet
So I sent it off to print. As you can see it was dark. So I worked on it some more and uploaded the new image. You can find it for sale at RedBubble, Society6and Tee Public

Groot Tshirt

I loved how it came out. But as is always the case with these types of images and characters someone always beats you to the punch. I have a tendency to just leave it and put it away thinking I was too late maybe next time I will be first but if I keep doing that I’ll never get work out there. It may be similar in concept to other artists but this one was all painted by me. So this time I said heck with it and posted.


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