Not a Block Just Busy


I have been slapping myself upside head for my lack of a post lately and blaming it on writers block, which is funny as I dont really consider myself a writer. I have had a few days off for the holidays and they have been wonderful.

I set back to work on my art, as I always do when home, I have some great concepts I have been working on. I finally got two of them posted today to redBubble and Society6, yay, and then it dawned on me, duh, I have been so busy working on these I didnt have time to write. So I can give myself a break phew!

I like to do mash ups which I have mentioned before, the hope is to get a few things out there for tshirts among other things. I have seen a few contests on the sites I post too and maybe this is a good idea as well. Things are moving forward, slowly but still moving.

So what do you think, I enjoyed doing them hope you enjoy the ideas.

Dr Who/Labyrinth and Lion King/Starwars




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