Not a Block Just Busy


I have been slapping myself upside head for my lack of a post lately and blaming it on writers block, which is funny as I dont really consider myself a writer. I have had a few days off for the holidays and they have been wonderful.

I set back to work on my art, as I always do when home, I have some great concepts I have been working on. I finally got two of them posted today to redBubble and Society6, yay, and then it dawned on me, duh, I have been so busy working on these I didnt have time to write. So I can give myself a break phew!

I like to do mash ups which I have mentioned before, the hope is to get a few things out there for tshirts among other things. I have seen a few contests on the sites I post too and maybe this is a good idea as well. Things are moving forward, slowly but still moving.

So what do you think, I enjoyed doing them hope you enjoy the ideas.

Dr Who/Labyrinth and Lion King/Starwars




The holiday is over

I just got back from my yearly trip to Florida. I look forward to this every year, I knew this one would be a bit different, so wasn’t as excited as I usually am – but it was still a good one.

I soo needed this break to recharge my batteries. It’s been a tough year both personally and professionally. The paying job is very stressful and wears me down. This causes a lack of creativity which is what keeps me sane.

The 7 days of warm sun on my face and being able to sit outside on the patio was just wonderful. I did take my sketch book everywhere I went but I didn’t sketch, though I did take lots of photos. I found my mind wandering to all sorts of creative projects/ideas. A free mind.

I returned feeling refreshed and stress free with the ideas firmly in place. I still had a few more days off before having to go back ‘there’ so have been able to sort the photos into idea folders for both digital collages and sketches.

My favourite photo subjects are animals and nature. I got some good shots. To stave of the cold of the northeast and the stress of that place I am getting some of my best photos printed and will spend my lunch hour sketching. These are a few I liked, the colour of the flamingo and plant and the way this seal was watching and chasing that bird made me laugh.