Digital Love

For awhile now I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about. I have some great mash up ideas but keeping them mum until I have real concepts down on paper.
But Saturday after saving up gift cards all year and closely watching sales I finally got myself a gift, I’m so excited. Plus, something to write about. It will go in my studio, a lovely, sexy, yes I think sexy applies, intuos5.
I have been wanting one of these forever. Most of the digital work I do is with a mouse or touchpad on my laptop, not great. And at one point caused frozen shoulder.
I finally have it loaded opened photoshop and argh! No pressure sensitivity. I have been googling for a couple of days now as the ‘how to’ video that came with it doesn’t apply it uses the most up to date version of PS ‘sigh’ so it’s back to the….drawing board lol! I shall not be undone by technology. I just need some play time, so I am taking a day off from the ick job to do just that I’ll keep you updated on progress hopefully with images.


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