Comic Con

Last Saturday my daughter and I finally attended Comic Con. We have been wanting to do this for awhile now.
Originally it should’ve been April but due to the bombing in Boston it was pushed to August.
As driving in Boston is really not my thing, crazy aggressive drivers, okay so not all, but enough to make me not want to drive. We took the red line to silver and it was a simple ride. But I learned a couple of things. The train makes me nauseated and I maybe a hair germophobic and this city girl has lived in the country way too long, who knew 🙂
The line to get in was, well, wow! Blocks long. Glad I pre bought our tickets. Also glad I’m an early bird so we got to wander around – no crowds – and actually see the artists and their work. This is when I do my best daydreaming, to be as talented as some of them and to be able to be a full time artist. The one thing I’ve always wanted to do, create!
Was a great day lots to look at almost got run over by a transformer. We got my daughter this glow in dark dragon that wraps around her wrist. I got some art work. Nice lunch and then the ‘train’ ride back.
I am glad we did it but not sure I will do again. But at least I can check it off my list.





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