Coloured Pencil

Its been a long couple of weeks. The temps have been well over 100 with the heat index. I built my studio area in my bedroom which is upstairs top floor and wow, talk about heat rises, its darn hot up there. So I havent done anything big. But, I did attempt my coloured pencil that I planned doing, it was small and I could put it on my lap.

I am my own worst critic, I wasnt sure that I was in love with it. Dont get me wrong I did like it, really, but I look at what other people do with coloured pencil and start to nit pick. However my children who are my sanity lately gave me honest opinion and I felt better. I think I was so tough because it was a gift. A woman I have worked with has moved on to another job (sooo lucky LOL) and I wanted to her to know I had appreciated all her help and friendship with a personal gift.

Sml-IrisLaceI used Strathmore multi purpose and prismacolour pencils. I also tried a colourless blender instead of using a white or very light colour to burnish. I took it from a photo of this spectacular Iris I saw in a garden center. This is my version of that iris.


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