Speeding Time

Time speeds by without us knowing. One minute we’re in school then gray haired. You start to wonder did you play, laugh, cry, enjoy and do enough. Did you accomplish anything, leave a legacy or a mess.
This all occurs to you at some point. For me late 40’s I started feeling something was missing in my life (never did figure out what) then it goes away until something makes you think about time again.
That reminder for me it was my youngest looking at college. Woah! College? Where did that time go. She was just a baby now all grown.
I did this sketch after a trip out. I carried her in to the house asleep she was wearing her pink snow suit. I put her gently on sofa but couldn’t get my arm out. She looked so peaceful and Angelic, I grabbed a pencil and paper and did this quickie drawing.
Both my baby girls are grown ‘snif’ ‘snif’



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